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There's a large number of loops here, but that might be a double edged sword. None of the scenes really get a chance to breathe, the movie just jumps from one thing to the next with no real timing or pace.

It might help to cut the number of loops in half and give each position the time it deserves. It feels like there's too much emphasis on quantity over quality. There's a lot of anatomy errors that could be fixed with a little more time.

I appreciate the effort it takes to make something with this many variations, but you're doing yourself a disservice by trying to cram too many loops in. Scale back, and improve the quality of a smaller number of loops.

I don't want to sound too negative, because the character is really cute, and I like the scenario, it just feels like the scope of the project ballooned too big.

anyel25 responds:

I have to polish my anatomy, although the animation is somewhat old
-opportunity to breathe between scenes-
-scale and improves the quality of fewer loops-
-Reduce the number of loops in half and give each position the time it deserves-
Thanks for the tips, you are the first animator to comment on my videos, it is an achievement for my level haha

Always great to see Tina in action, she's one of my fav DOA girl x3 The office setting is a fun scenario too.

Love the animation here, the way she switches from deepthroating to working the tip looks amazing. The moans and sound effects really add to the scene too, everything is great! :3

Amazing work, always great to see a new animation from you! The personality and charm you give the characters is fantastic.

Voice acting was great and it was fun to hear Helen with a southern accent x3

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Great work for a first game, there's a good amount of content here with a sexy cast of characters.

The movie sequences were amazing, lots of unique poses and angles, the animations were all top notch and the lighting looked beautiful, I really liked the scene in Miyako's office, the light coming through the blinds really gave the scene a great atmosphere.

Music was fine, and the voice acting was great throughout, the VAs really fit their characters.

I played through twice just to see the bad options, Rachel's face is really funny when you backtalk her xD

Overall it's a great first attempt, I guess the main issue is loading, or more precisely the constant freezing and black screens as the game tries to load new stuff. It'd really help to implement some kind of preloader. I recognize that cog symbol in the corner, and I think I've used that program in the past... I remember a big issue was trying to get a decent preloader for browser versions, but I hope this is an option for you now.

Also the main character's design is a little iffy, his face looks strange compared to the rest of the characters, and his skin tone doesn't fit the scenes during the visual novel parts.

*(Edit for reply)* I looked around but couldn't find anything new about preloaders for Tyrano, the only thing that came up was a post I made 4 years ago on the Steam page xD I think the best bet is to offer a downloadable version, and maybe include some text on the intro screen of the browser version, just something to let people know the game needs time to load.

DUAL-FACE-ART responds:

Thanks for your feed back. We're using TyrannoBuilder off of steam. Out of all the graphic novel apps I tried it was the only one that would play my loops the right way. I don't know about pre-loaders if you could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. As for Dean yes, his is the only model we didn't port ourselves, so there are some differences. it's something we'll be rectifying for future installments of the game.

It's a cool blackjack game with some nice graphics, I like the effects on the cards as they fade in and out.

There's a lot of problems that fundamentally break the game though, being able to change your bet at any time means there's no risk of losing. You just keep your bet at 0 until you have a winning hand and then quickly crank it all the way up.

There doesn't seem to be an end screen either, so you can just keep doing this trick until you get as much money as you want, I stopped at $20'000, because after that it just felt pointless x3

Also quitting to the menu and starting a new game doesn't reset your money.

I feel like there should be some kind of win screen, it makes sense for a strip blackjack set up to have a prize at the end, I know you can look under the table once the guy is naked, but then you just keep playing endlessly.

I don't want to sound too negative, all the pieces are there for a fun game, I just think it needs a little more testing and something at the end to entice players to keep playing.

Sanctioned13 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, as a nearly finished prototype of sorts I'm fairly happy with it but you're right from a fundamental gameplay standpoint it's pretty broken, def needs some patching.

Thanks for playing, :D

Fun demo! The project looks like it has lots of promise.

I really liked the artwork, and the 3D overworld. It has a really cute style with some great lighting.

The controls are a bit fiddly, but I guess that comes down to the isometric view point. Maybe you could include an option to use a mouse, and have the character follow wherever you click?

Looking forward to seeing more, and I wish you all the best with your game! :3

gamelaboratory responds:

Hi, HayleyPetHarley

Thanks a lot for such a high rating and positive feedback, much appreciated!
I'll take your controls remarks into consideration. Your own game looks cool, keep it up! :)

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People in this universe have a tendency to dream or fantasize about lewd situations... Somebody must be putting something in the town water supply!... I'm looking in your direction Plant Program! Are you disposing of your waste effectively?!

Anyway... Great booty shot! :3

JamesAB responds:

Lmao, Thanks!

Sorry to be the stick in the mud but just for clarity, Plant Program is not apart of Fruit Basket's world and even if it was it's based in Australia, not Michigan USA

Fruit Basket characters are just horny haha, The dreams not usually meaning anything unless they do. I just use it as a device to draw different couples sometimes, or anything that's a lil too raunchy for them to actually be doing.

Super cute! Love this pixel art style, it's really clean and defined.

Amazing work. The pose is great and I love how she's being pressed up against the window. It adds so much believability to see her hair being bunched up like that x3

I always feel like I learn a lot from viewing your art! :3

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